Overton Playcentre received two awards at the Wrexham Childcare awards on February 2nd 2018. All staff at Overton Playcentre have promoted Welsh speaking into their daily routines which has had an impact on the children speaking Welsh at home. This was recognised by parents and Overton Playcentre was nominated for Welsh development and awarded runner up for 2017.

Sarah Carpenter was awarded runner up for volunteer of the year 2017. She has given a tremendous amount of her time to supporting Overton Playcentre run on a day to day basis, as well as, a tremendous amount of her time to volunteer and organise fundraising events, keeping some of the finances of the playcentre up to date as well as taking on a large amount of office duties. She has always taken everything in her stride and has shown great dedication to ensuring Overton Playcentre is always striding forward. Sarah Carpenter has been an inspiration and a great asset to everything associated with Overton Playcentre. We have been so lucky that she landed at Overton Playcentre.